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AlSol 2000 – Buying a house in Europe

Posted by on Jun 18, 2016

AlSol 2000 – Buying a house in Europe

Buying and selling property in Europe is very different from that business in the USA. There are many things that influence that difference, and we will talk about some of them.

First of all, there is a difference in thinking. People in Europe live by a set of rules, and they abide every part of it. They live among monuments that were there long before they were and they learned to appreciate their history and history of the other people around them.

Opinion about condos is same in USA and Europe, and some people buy them, and some people rent them. But an only small portion of Europeans will be by a condo as their first option for living. In the majority of the cases, they will rent an apartment and live there until they can buy a house or another apartment.

Communities are also very different in Europe and the USA. Just look at and notice how every home is same. The houses are built to be same, and only small differences can be found. Americans live in areas where there are over 100 homes that are made to look the same, which is not a case in Europe.

Same goes for the material from which the houses are built. In the USA houses are built from wood and other similar materials and only the foundations are made from the more sturdy material. You won’t find that type of building in the Europe.

Europe has no communities in which every house is same, and there aren’t hundreds of homes that are built to be sold somewhere in the future. In Europe people buy lots, and they build their houses (they hire a company to do that), and due to this, the diversity of the lots and homes is apparent. People whose origins are different live as neighbors and their houses are designed to remind them of their roots.

You won’t see cheaply built houses in Europe. Main building material for houses in Europe is brick which makes those houses very expensive to make. The houses are quite sturdy,and no

wind can tear them apart. European roofs are covered with roofing tiles, which aren’t made from asphalt, but from baked clay, which allows it to last for dozens and dozens of years.

An average family can build a house in Europe if they buy a cheap lot. The major influence of the price is the price of the lot. In more rural areas brick houses are standard buildings. In towns, people don’t buy houses because they are too expensive, they buy apartments. The price of the rooms varies from city to city, all depending on the size of the city and the location of the condo.

As you can see, there are many things that support the difference between Europe and USA in the real estate business. But the differences didn’t arise from that area these differences are a lot deeper. The difference that exists is merely a difference of the people, government, and a way of thinking.

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